Room for Roots – Andy May

Cover art by Andy May.

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About Andy

Singer. Songwriter. Guitarist. Mandolinist. Producer.

With his career now spanning 5 decades and 3 regions of the nation, Andy May makes remarkable music – music that can be exuberant, thoughtful, funny or bittersweet, but is always a joyful experience.

Andy’s originality and optimism combined with his love and respect for America’s musical heritage shine through his work. He has been called a “troubadour of life,” an “Americana music pioneer,” a “master of traditional American music styles,” and an “upbeat roots rocker.” Read More →

Mix the eclecticism of Bob Dylan, the mellowness of Don Williams, and the fire of Bill Monroe and you might come close to a description of Andy’s music.


About the Title

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Andy May’s music has always had room for roots. He spent his teen years immersed in the vibrant folk music scene of Greenwich Village in the late ’60s. Mentored by working folks from Appalachia who brought their music – their heritage – north with them when they came looking for a better life. Encouraged by an earlier generation of New Yorkers who were also passionate about American roots music. Learning from the singers. The songwriters. The players. Living and breathing the traditional music right along with the cutting-edge new material that flowed through the city. Playing it all and playing it everywhere. Finding no conflict in the variety, only synergy. And inspiration. Always thirsty for more, he took it all in, owned it, and brewed it into his own style – a style that comes out in his original works and in his treatments of traditional tunes. A style that allows him to slide a couple of his arrangements of Carter Family classics in among his own compositions on this project with not a hint of conflict – only synergy. And inspiration. Because there’s room for roots in Andy’s music. There always has been.


About this Project

Containing 12 original songs, two Carter family titles, and a bonus track narration of a retold folk tale, Room for Roots is a project you can immerse yourself in. Featuring some of Nashville’s finest musicians and singers, as well as Andy’s own guitar work and rich vocals, Room for Roots embraces a wide range of styles and moods, providing plenty to catch you ear musically. Showcasing Andy’s songwriting, the stories told are as varied as the musical styles, and the project moves seamlessly from one to another – embracing all with equal warmth and enthusiasm.

The process of  recording Room for Roots was an intense and satisfying experience for me. These songs and the singers and players who joined me in the studio seemed to fit together in a natural and amazing way. I am grateful for the opportunity to have made this new project, and excited to share it with you.




  • Andy MayAcoustic & electric lead & back-up guitar, Lead and backup vocals
  • Instrumental
    • Dan Dugmore – Pedal Steel Guitar/Lap Steel Guitar (1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12,13) – Resonator Guitar (14)
    • Kirk “Jellyroll” Johnson – Harmonica (1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14)
    • Rick Lee – Piano/Strings (13,14)
    • Kenny Malone – Percussion (1,5,6,7,10,12)
    • Rodger Morris – Piano/Organ/Keyboard (all)
    • Curtis McPeake – Banjo (14)
    • Jim Rooney – Rhythm Guitar (1,7,12)
    • Jeremy Shearer  – Bass (all but 15)
    • Nathan Smith – Drums (2,3,4,8,9,11,13, 14)
  • Vocal
    • Brittany Allyn – Duet (10) – Backup Vocals (1,10)
    • Joanie Keller Johnson – Duet (14) – Backup Vocals (4,14)
    • Bruce Mackay – Backup Vocals (13)
    • Maura O’Connell – Duet (5,7) – Backup Vocals (5,7)
    • Odessa Settles – Backup Vocals (3,6)
  • Produced by Andy May
  • Recorded and mixed at Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
    Engineer: Nathan Smith
  • Cover Art: Andy May


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Making "Room for Roots" - Andy May


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