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Andy currently has 7 CDs on Swift River Music. The latest, Room for Roots was very well received by indie Country and Americana Radio and spent 6 months on the Americana Music Association’s airplay chart, and the song, “Woman in the Wings” went to #2 on Roots Music Report’s Americana Country Song Chart. You can scroll through all 7 CDs and listen to all the songs in the player above. For liner notes and other information on each CD, click on the cover – to the right. Three of his projects are also available on MP3 Gift Cards below.

About Andy’s Recordings

All of Andy’s CDs are released on Swift River Music. In addition to writing and arranging his material, Andy produces all of his own recordings. When he doesn’t play or sing a part himself, he brings in great musicians to do the job. On his CDs, you’ll hear the likes of  Kenny Kosek, Kenny Malone, Dennis Crouch, Darrin Vincent, Hal Rugg, Curtis McPeake, Jonathan Yudkin, Jim Heffernan, John Gardner, Rodger Morris, Charlie Cushman, Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, Rick Lee, Dave Talbot, Craig Fletcher …. and the list goes on. Just explore the player above to hear samples of their work!

MP3 Gift Cards

Three of Andy’s CDs are also available on MP3 gift cards.


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