Room for Roots - Cover

Band Camp Diaries: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

Andy May is a driven singer and songwriter with a warm and personal approach to his rootsy blend of folk and Americana. His latest studio effort, Room For Roots immediately strikes for Andy’s gripping vocal performances: his voice sounds wise and seasoned, yet youthful and energetic, creating a beautiful dualism. I immediately feel like I am sitting in a room listening to the amazing stories of an old friend who jut came back to town after traveling the world and collecting incredible tales of people, places, songs and ideas – and he tells the stories so well you almost feel as if you were there. —The Band Camp Diaries on Room for Roots by Andy May

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Andy May - Room for Roots

WNCW: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

Great new CD!!!    WNCW, MerleFest Radio Hour on Room for Roots by Andy May

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Nickel Creek in Acoustic Kids - Walnut Valley Festival - 1995

Sara Watkins: Andy May’s Acoustic Kids

Andy has a remarkable ability to make kids feel welcomed and valued as a person and musical contributors. I’m so glad Acoustic Kids has stayed involved in the community, because not only does it give all these kids good memories, but as they grow up, they’ll remember that their contribution is important. – Sara Watkins (Website)

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Bridge Guitar: “Second Wind” by Bill Mulroney

…Bill has an intimate voice which is stylistic with a romantic touch. …Bill Mulroney knows to impress on this album, which is well-balanced, intimate, romantic and rocking at the right moments. Highly recommended.

– Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews

Visit the Second Wind page

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“Chesapeake Music Guide:” Second Wind” by Bill Mulroney

The title of Bill Mulroney’s album Second Wind refers to his second attempt at the music biz, after taking a hiatus of over 22 years, and the resulting effort is one of the most pleasant new releases to come out so far this year. With a vocal style reminiscent of a young James Taylor at times, and Danny O’Keefe at…

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