Andy’s Music on YouTube

February 20, 2017

CD Baby is having technical difficulties today, so it seemed like a good time for a post accessing Andy’s music on YouTube! For each album, you can view the track list by clicking the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Room for Roots     Retroflections     Endless Possibilities     Dance of Life     ….

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Playing Contra Dances

There was a strong interest in traditional American country dance music in New England when I arrived in the 1970’s. There were wonderful old social clubs and community halls throughout the region where dances were held, great callers, friendly dancers, and some fine old-time players…. I was lucky enough to be asked to play in some of these groups for a number of years…

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Download card-Dance of Life-Andy May

New Download Cards Available!

Download cards are now available for three of Andy’s CDs: Blackberry Jam, Café Americana, and the new Dance of Life. Easy to use: just go to and enter the unique code on the back of the card to download the entire album in MP3. Easy to share: Download cards are a great way to share Andy’s music with others!…

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Andy May - Dance of Life - Cover art by Karen Cannon

Curtis McPeake: “Dance of Life” by Andy May

Andy May …is a great …record producer, … a fine singer and a multi-talented musician. The songs and tunes compiled in this recording are truly varied from early Irish jigs to early American songs and some that go back many years. …(The) great mandolin solos and song selections should perk up our ears no matter what age we happen to be. This is a great recording by a bunch of great artists. You will like it!! Curtis McPeake – Trailblazer Award winner, former Blue Grass Boy, banjo legend – on Dance of Life by Andy May

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“Dance of Life” Reissued!

The long-awaited reissue of Andy May’s mandolin CD, Dance of Life– A Mandolin Celebration is here! Andy remixed a couple of tracks, re-mastered the whole project, and wrote some liner notes for this version of his much-loved CD. The project also sports wonderful new cover art by our friend, the fabulous music artist, Karen Cannon. It is also the first Swift River Music release in the more environmentally-friendly “digi-pack” cases!

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