Andy May - Endless Possibilities - cover

Rick Lee: “Endless Possibilities” by Andy May

Brilliant CD!! Material, performance, production, package…. Fabulous. Rick Lee on Endless Possibilities by Andy May

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Andy May - Dance of Life - Cover art by Karen Cannon

Curtis McPeake: “Dance of Life” by Andy May

Andy May …is a great …record producer, … a fine singer and a multi-talented musician. The songs and tunes compiled in this recording are truly varied from early Irish jigs to early American songs and some that go back many years. …(The) great mandolin solos and song selections should perk up our ears no matter what age we happen to be. This is a great recording by a bunch of great artists. You will like it!! Curtis McPeake – Trailblazer Award winner, former Blue Grass Boy, banjo legend – on Dance of Life by Andy May

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Andy May - Blackberry Jam - Cover art

“Bluegrass Now:” “Blackberry Jam” by Andy May

…I thoroughly enjoyed this fine CD. The music is all original, well written, and fresh. Andy’s vocals are clear and clean and he is an excellent guitar player as well. One cut, “Little Bird,” I especially enjoyed features Andy playing some fine finger-style guitar with a banjo-like roll. “Blackberry Jam” is compelling, fresh music.

— JP, Bluegrass Now


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Andy May - Cafe' Americana

Walnut Valley Festival program: “Café Americana” by Andy May

Andy May’s grasp of what makes good listening is impeccable. Cafe’ Americana …is a great album for any collection. The CD begins with “It’s a Brand New Day” (which I’ve got programmed to play when my alarm goes off).  … It awakens a sense of the day’s possibilities.

— Paul Stamper, Walnut Valley Festival program, 2005


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KAYO-FM: “Flyin’ Fast” by Brycen Fast

Once we went on the air with [Brycen] and played a few cuts [from his CD], our listeners went nuts. Since the interview, we’ve been inundated with phone calls, requests, and e-mails asking about Brycen….   You’ve got a major find here…!   —Kim Taylor–Chris & Kim in the Morning, KAYO FM, Olympia, WA

Visit the Flyin’ Fast page

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