Photos: Songwriting Workshop – Walnut Valley Festival 2013

Winfield, KS, September 18 – 22, 2013

Andy led the full-day, pre-festival songwriting workshop this year. Great turn-out, and great participants! Thank you to all!

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Andy May Songwriting Workshop at Vanderbilt Law School

On Feb 24, I presented the songwriting segment of a writing workshop for law students at Vanderbilt University Law School. This was a fun workshop! Great audience with interesting questions. Thanks to Willy Stern for inviting me to do this.

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Andy May - Winfield, 2012

Photos: Walnut Valley Festival, 2012

Best Walnut Valley Festival ever! Fabulous time. Fabulous memories. Thank You, Winfield!!
This album is from a Facebook feed.

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WFCR, Western MA

…a skilled story-teller.

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