Andy May: Dance of Life - a mandolin celebration -Cover art

Walnut Valley Festival on “Dance of Life”

Andy is joined by several stellar musicians including Kenny Kosek on fiddle, David Dick on banjo, and Rudi Weeks on most of the bass tracks. The songs are traditional except for Bill Monroe’s “Bluegrass Stomp,” Andy’s own “Dance of Life” and his Celtic flavored “Bay of Fundy Reel.” A highlight of this collection is a vocal version of “Soldier’s Joy.” The tunes on this CD are performed tastefully at a cool tempo. These arrangements provide a relaxed ambient atmosphere and allow the novice picker (like me!) a chance to play along with tunes like “Bill Chatham,” “Cripple Creek,” and “Devils Dream” at a pace I can keep up with. My favorite is “St. Anne’s Reel.” Many flat pickers have turned the bridge section of this song into a samba, a Cha Cha or one of those Caribbean things. I thoroughly enjoyed this recording and thank you Andy May for keeping “St. Anne’s Reel” a real reel.

— Ernie and Patti Hill, Walnut Valley Festival program


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