Acoustic Kids – Guitar Town, 2019

This year was the first year for the Guitar Town Performance Workshop and Mentoring Sessions with Guitar Town Artists. Quite a mouthful – and quite a lot of fun! This year’s panelists/mentor’s were John KnowlesChristie Lenée, and Joe Robinson. Many thanks to Marlene Hutchinson who stood in for Christie on the panel. (Christie’s flight was delayed but she got there just in time to mentor everyone who had signed up for a session.) The showcase was co-created by Acoustic Kids (Andy & Lauren May) and Rocky Mountain Guitar Camp (Mike Harrington).

The Ambassadors’ Set went off without a hitch, but we couldn’t have pulled off Acoustic Kids without the help of all the parents, our incredible sound man, Nevada, and Dustin Schaffer of Guitar Town: The entire festival shut down due to a thunderstorm an hour before the showcase was to start and we relocated the showcase, sound equipment and all, to High Rockies, a bar right next to the West Lake Stage. Many thanks, too, to the owner of High Rockies for so graciously allowing us to take over her establishment for three hours! In case you ever wonder why we have everyone meet a whole hour before the showcase… that’s why! You just never know what’s going to happen!

2019 Guitar Town