Harry Warner: Music City Icon

“Let me tell you why I am the luckiest person on Earth.” That is how my friend, Harry Warner, would often start a conversation with a total stranger at the coffee shop that we visited during one of our semi-regular “get-togethers.” In his eighties, and in spite of ongoing health challenges, Harry always projected a friendly demeanor. And, as in…

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Andy May - Endless Possibilities - cover

Harry Warner: “Endless Possibilities” by Andy May

Loved it!      Harry Warner, Executive VP of Writer and Artist Relations, Broadcast Music International (BMI) on Endless Possibilities by Andy May

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Andy May - Winfield, 2012

Quote: Songs – Harry Warner

I have always believed in the songs of Andy and Lauren May.            — Harry Warner (BMI/Nashville)

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I’ve always believed in the songs of Andy & Lauren May.    ~ Harry Warner, Executive Vice President, Writer and Artist Relations of Broadcast Music (BMI)

Andy started writing and performing his songs as a teen in the 1960’s. He had his first concert as a songwriter at Izzy Young‘s Folklore Center in New York City in 1970. Izzy had given Bob Dylan his first concert there, too (in 1961)–not a bad way to start a career! Andy soon became a mainstay of the major folk and bluegrass venues in the city, including the Folklore Center and WBAI-FM.

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–Things Said to Me by Some Amazing Friends–

Jim Rooney~
Go where you’re welcome.



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